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The Body Image Movement (BIM) is an international mission to help people embrace their bodies. It was founded on the belief that your body is not an ornament, it’s the vehicle to your dreams. BIM believes that everyone has the right to love and celebrate their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability.

Through educational resources, events and a whole lotta inspiration from founder Taryn Brumfitt, the Body Image Movement is teaching the world to love the skin you’re in.

Join us and be part of the revolution!

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Embrace Kids

Kids will love the body positive vibes in this book. Watch music video by Taryn, Pevan and Sarah!


Embrace Kids

No child should hate their body. Embrace Kids is changing lives. Ready to be part of the change?

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The Embrace

A one-stop-shop for innovative body image resources made for kids, parents and teachers.



Binge on the latest videos and stories from Taryn, our experts and community.



Get the life-changing Embrace Education Study Guide into your high school today.


Embrace Yourself Book

The ultimate ‘how to’ guide to love your body, celebrate life and break the rules.

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Message From Taryn

“We weren’t born hating our bodies. As toddlers running around the backyard, we weren’t thinking about the dimples on our legs or the jiggle in our belly. When we were young, we were free. We said yes to adventures, we jumped into the pool, we danced, we laughed and then… we grew up. We started buying into the toxic messages from people and industries that told us to be anything other than who we are and we ended up here – exhausted, disconnected and hating our bodies.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Just as we’ve learned to hate our bodies, we can re-learn to love them. The message of Embrace has connected with millions of people around the world, and to this day I’ve never met a person that has regretted loving their body more! We walk on this planet for the shortest moment in time, and it was never our purpose to spend that precious time waging a war against our body.

The Body Image Movement is a judgement-free zone. No matter what you’ve been taught or what you continue to believe, no matter what you look like, you will always be embraced by the worldwide crusade that is the Body Image Movement.”


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