1 to 100: How do you describe your body?

We asked 100 people from the ages of 1-100 what one word they use to describe their body.

The answers we received were similar among people of the same age but differed immensely between generations.

Firstly, we had a chat with the youngest generation. We spoke to some toddlers, kids, and teens and the one word they use to describe their bodies were very happy and positive:
fast, flexible, sensitive, colourful, energetic, agile, talented, powerful, capable, lovable, balanced, excellent, unique, and healthy.

Next up, we asked older teens and young adults, and even though they came from all different walks of life, their answers were all equally negative. Their replies broke our hearts:
lanky, “just okay”, podgy, confused, average, dissatisfied, neglected, dense and curvy, disobedient, and “it is what it is”.

Then we asked adults how they saw themselves. They also had some very unpleasant responses:
flabby, fat, yuck, self-conscious, embarrassing, and ugly.

Lastly, we asked some of the older generations hoping that they had some more positive feedback, and they did not disappoint. Some of these people were still active and others were content in their homes, but they all had the most beautiful words of all! Their replies were:
unique, energetic, strong, magnificent, comfortable, perfect, fast, adventurous, healthy, fabulous, very blessed, “I love it”, ball of energy, and proud. One comment that sums up the generation’s thoughts perfectly was the man who said, “it is the only one I’ve got and I intend to keep it for as long as I possibly can”.

Don’t wait until the end of your life to love your body.

It seems that you start life loving your body and end it with intense gratitude. Don’t you think it’s time to Embrace? Imagine loving your body in the middle of your life like you do at the beginning and end.

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