3 Most Commonly Asked Questions: Does embracing your body promote obesity?

This question has come up quite a few times.

I don’t know anyone –and have never met anyone– who has made a positive, meaningful, lifelong change that came from fear or shame. If we really want to help people make better choices around their health and wellbeing, we need to help them embrace. We need to encourage one another to have self-respect and self-love, and we need to promote self-care. It is evident that people who embrace their bodies and feel good about themselves make better and healthier choices.

Exercising should not be a punishment

Exercising and moving your body is pleasurable. There’s no good or bad food, food is just food, and I think we need to respect and love our bodies and make choices that fuel us well and give us energy. I’m a healthy and happy person with oodles of energy, but if you put a picture of me in a bikini on social media, I’m sure there would be negative feedback about my body. My body has run a marathon, I nourish my body with amazing food, my body works hard and has given birth to 3 kids.

One important thing about the health that I’d love each of you to consider: health is unique to you.

There have been times when my physical health has been awesome but my emotional and mental health has not. For me, it’s about having a balance, and no one knows my body like I know my body. I think we have become very disempowered to think we have to buy a cream, or lotion, or potion, or go on this diet to be healthy. If we just listen and tap into our intuition, we know what our bodies need.

Embracing is about getting the most out of this fabulous body of yours.


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