How to Love Your Body
  • Toni

    great messages and insight Taryn! Love these little snippets and reminders for how we can get more body loving into our lives!

  • Taryn, I’m so happy you posted that first photo on Facebook that started this movement. I’m sure you had no idea what would follow, but oh was it amazing.

    I did my masters thesis on Body Image back in 1995 and created my very own Body Esteem scale. I’m passionate about helping women love their bodies. The videos you shared offer great advice, and it’s what I tell my clients too.

    Over a year ago, I created the Love Your Body Challenge and it helped women (and a few brave men) transform their body image and love themselves more. I offered it online 4 times for free and would like to share it more widely.

    I saw your movie in Santa Cruz, California and I cried and cried. I didn’t just cry at the theater, I cried the day after too.

    Thank you for offering this to the world. As you know, it’s so very needed, especially now. I will send you an email.

    Much love,


  • Anna

    Thank you Taryn. Embracing my body, and myself, over the years has been a challenge for allsorts of different reasons. As a trans-women some of those are different than the ‘usual’, but many are the same :) . Thanks for sharing so honestly and helping people to understand the beauty and joy that can exist when we express the diversity of being ourselves. For me its a realisation that while I may never be a ‘real girl’, I’m still a wonderful treasure and can hold my head high.
    Love Anna