How to Love Your Body

3 Questions I get asked most about Body Image

It’s been a massive year with the release of Embrace in Australia, NZ & the USA (with more countries to come) and I’ve loved travelling to meet so many of the Body Image Movement Community.



One of my favourite times has been the Q&A sessions after the Embrace screenings. 



From this experience there have been 3 main questions that have come up the most so I’ve recorded some quick videos below to answer them:

  1. How did you learn to love and embrace your body?

2. How can I help my child who is struggling with body image issues?

3. Does Embracing your body promote obesity?


If you have a burning question about body image that you’d like answered, please email the team at and we’ll see if we can answer it in an upcoming blog post.

Big Love,

Taryn x