How to Love Your Body

50 Ways to Embrace

This February 14th, you can choose to ‘submit’ yourself to 118 minutes of a sex-stalker-thriller branded as the ultimate sexy romance… or you can choose to join us in a celebration of empowerment and self-love! To kick off our Girls’ Night In events across North America we are giving you…


  1. Don’t be TIED DOWN by body loathing
  2. Step out of the SHADE and into the light
  3. Take CONTROL of your mind and body
  4. Don’t SUBMIT to body shamers
  5. Get rid of the GREY and add some colour to your life
  6. Abandon the scales
  7. Wear clothes you love
  8. Ditch the DIE(T)
  9. Compliment the girl in the mirror
  10. Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it
  11. Find activities that bring out your inner sparkle
  12. Dedicate time for YOU
  13. Dance!
  14. Laugh!
  15. Live in the moment
  16. Spend time with your family
  17. Be kind to yourself
  18. Open your eyes to the toxic media messages that surround you
  19. Speak up if you see something you don’t like
  20. Step outside your comfort zone
  21. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying life (or dessert)
  22. Clear your calorie conscience
  23. Think about what you’ll remember as you take your last breath (hint: it won’t be cellulite!)
  24. Open your heart to others
  25. Speak to yourself as you would a close friend
  26. Unfollow negative social media accounts
  27. Value what others do over how they look
  28. Believe in yourself
  29. Dedicate an entire day to self care
  30. Promote positivity
  31. Masturbate often – it’s free and it’s fun
  32. Love your lines
  33. Move for fun; not for punishment
  34. Create a vision board
  35. Think about all the amazing things your body has done
  36. Don’t equate your weight with your worth
  37. Stop searching for the ‘perfect body’
  38. Sing in the shower
  39. Support others in loving themselves
  40. Jump in front of the camera
  41. Respect and love all bodies
  42. Surround yourself with people that inspire you
  43. To get a bikini body, put on a bikini
  44. Focus on what’s important in the world
  45. Love that everyone is different
  46. Know that you are a human being, not a human body
  47. Remember that your dress size is no more important than your shoe size
  48. Don’t let friends speak negatively about themselves
  49. Celebrate your unique traits
  50. Remember that your body is not an ornament, it is the vehicle to your dreams

SUBMIT OR EMBRACE? It’s your choice!

Embrace in
Embrace in
Embrace in
Embrace in
Embrace in
Embrace in