Roll up, roll up (or walk/skip/sashay/run, whatever takes your fancy!) We’re on THE look out for positive body image role models around the world to help spread the message of the Body Image Movement!

To create global change, we need to create a global team, so we’ve decided it’s time to begin a recruitment drive for body loving ambassadors the world over from Australia to Antarctica and everywhere in between.

The Body Image Movement is not a craze, or a phase, or a bunch of hippies singing Kumbaya around a fire of burning bras. We are an internationally recognised activism group and need like-minded individuals as passionate as us about shifting the world’s body loathing mindset to join our team.

Fist pumping the air and shouting “oh yeah”? If this sounds like you, here’s how to get on board the Body Image Movement …

What is BIMGAP?

The Body Image Movement Global Ambassador Program (BIMGAP) is a network of positive body image advocates around the world who are connected to, and in supportive of, the values and visions of The Body Image Movement.

As an ambassador, your involvement in the program will be as individual as you are but will primarily focus on promoting the Body Image Movement’s values and vision to local people in your community. This could involve sharing branded content on social media, encouraging those in your network to become official Members of the movement and assisting the team with local knowledge (e.g. helping us choose the best venues to host events, the best places to stay, and of course, the best places to eat when we’re in your neck of the woods!)

Above all, your role as an ambassador will see you being a positive role model to those around you by taking accountability of the language you use in relation to your body and the body image communication you share with others.

Pick me! Pick me!

Itching to jump on Facebook and promote the Body Image Movement’s latest post, or share photos from your involvement in a local body lovin’ campaign? Sounds like we need to connect…immediately!

Requirements to become part of BIMGAP are simple, and if you’re a body lover bursting with more positive vibes than Pollyanna, chances are you meet the brief already. You must:

  • Be able to dedicate one ‘hour of power’ per week to spreading the message of the Body Image Movement
  • Be active on at least one social media platform, preferably Facebook and/or Instagram
  • Be willing to take a BIGMAP Pledge (which may or may not involve dancing naked in the rain …)
  • Wholeheartedly believe in the values and message the Body Image Movement stands for and strives to promote globally
  • Whilst anyone can apply to become an ambassador, entry into the program is not automatic and is at the discretion of the Body Image Movement team.


What’s in it for me?

As if being part of a global movement that shifts the way people think and feel about their bodies wasn’t enough, being an ambassador will entitle you to the following privileges:

  • Online body image resources and tools for you to use and share with your local community to help foster positive body image
  • Entry into a private BIMGAP Facebook group where you can connect and share idea exclusively with other global ambassadors
  • Regular face-to-face video hook-ups with BIM founder Taryn Brumfitt

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5 replies to “Ambassador”

  1. Hey BIM

    Im a fitness instructor with a tum and booty and love what my body is capable even with my curves and would love to be able to spread the word that you can be fit and fabulous whatever shape, age, gender or nationality.

    How do i find out more about becoming an Ambassador please?

  2. Hi Taryn

    Deanna Wallis here (Michelle Wallis’ Daughter)

    I would love to be an ambassador for you!! It would mean so much to me to join you on this journey!!

    Can’t wait to meet you on the 20th!

    Deanna Wallis

  3. Hi!

    I would love to be an ambassador. I’m a fitness instructor working in Dubai. I’m also a new mom. I’ve struggled my whole life with how I look at myself and being in the fitness industry has been challenging. Now as a mom to a daughter I really want her to grow up with love and respect for herself! I see and hear moms talk badly about their bodies all the time in my profession and I’m so passionate about helping them and spreading the message. I know how hard it is and what they are going through that’s why I think I would be great!

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