Amanda Bos

Coffs Harbour


There are a lot of messages in society to say "achieve" and "be better." But there are very few messages that say, "Hey, actually, bugger it! You're okay just for who you are!" ~ Adam Ferrier ~

Would you like to spend less time worrying about your body and food choices and start enjoying what you eat? I work one-on-one with men and women to help them restore a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body through the philosophy and concepts of “Intuitive Eating”. Life doesn’t need to be stressful around food. Amanda helps people learn how to notice the difference between emotional hunger and physical feelings of hunger and how to form a positive mentality around food and body image. The result? To eat any and all foods without worry of overeating and have a more positive relationship with your body. If you would like help with achieving a healthy, balanced relationship with food contact me today to find out how I can support you.