Blythe Hurlburt

United States


You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending C.S. Lewis

I have been a health, wellness, and life coach for the past 6 years and knew something was missing. It was missing in my personal journey and that of my clients, and I needed to be a force in changing those dynamics. A voice needed to be given to this silent battle we were all facing with our bodies, dialogue needed to begin, we were suffering together quietly and that had to stop. The undercurrent of self loathing body images was taking away from all the beauty that health and wellness brought to my clients, and I kept thinking I have to something. I decided I would take the leep of faith, dive in, shout from the rooftops for all to hear, we ARE ok, we can love ourselves as we ARE, we can become stronger in numbers as we Embrace. I believe that giving a voice to our secret thoughts empowers others to do so, if we live authentically others begin to desire that for themselves, and honesty in who we are as we are right NOW in this moment is a gift. I want my voice to be one that lets others know they are not alone in this body loving journey, that they may fall down and we will be here to reach out our hand, that when they can’t put into words for themselves their triumphs and trials in this journey we will be here giving them a voice. Life, wellness, and health coaching is a process of healing and tons and tons of practice, I am here to practice with you as you embark on your body loving journey.