Jane Page

United Kingdom


I might not be "Media Perfect" but I am "Me Perfect - Jane Page

I am a normal, everyday woman, wife, mum, grandparent, aunt, friend etc. and I know that body image is about far more than the number on some scales or the size of our clothes. My involvement with BIM and Embrace came about through my daughter who was receiving support/treatment for anorexia. She was working hard at her recovery but gaining weight was difficult because her body was changing. She saw Embrace about 6mths into her recovery program – and she met Taryn! It helped her to accept her changing body and she called to say that I had to go and see it! I laughed and cried my way through it and came out changed. For me it was like a light had been switched on. It had helped my daughter, it helped me and now I had to try and help others. I now fully love and appreciate my body for what it has done for me and for what it continues to do – I can even see positives in the bits that no longer work as they should. I want that joy and freedom for everyone!