Kat Szmit

South Yarmouth
United States


She believed she could, so she did. R.S. Grey

Cool mum, writer, journalist, photographer, stand-up paddle boarder, lover of life, practicing yogini, collector of seashells and sea glass, beach bum, and warrior badass. I have been on the most awesome journey since turning 40 and it just keeps getting better and better! I seek to inspire, uplift, and keep things real for my fellow BIMGAs and others, and in my every day life in general. When not working in my awesome profession as a sportswriter I can often be found outdoors either on my board (SUP Life!), hiking, biking local trails, or watching something awesome on Netflix. After years of struggling with my weight and self-worth, I am, most days, in a place where I love my body and myself, and reflect that by doing good things for both! My hope is that the young women I work with will see my positive outlook and want to know more, one of the reasons I wanted to be a BIMGA. Let’s do this!