LeeAnn Barlow



I distrust any advice that contains the words 'ought' or 'should' - Tamora Pierce (said by King Jonathon in "The Realms of the Gods"

Hi, everyone! I’m thrilled to be a part of the BIMGA program and the body-positive movement in general! I’m a mathematician-turned-writer who (relatively) recently discovered the power of embracing myself for all that I am — strengths, weaknesses, and everything in-between. For me, the Body Image Movement came at the perfect moment, as my long-held self-identity was crumbling and I was struggling to rediscover who I am and who I want to be. As a high-functioning autistic woman, I often tried to hide behind a conventionally attractive appearance in an attempt to feel more accepted in society, but no measure of “success” ever made me feel good enough. Instead, the love I’ve found for myself and others through the Body Image Movement helps me be the best version of myself. I love the energy and support of my fellow BIMGAs, and I hope we can connect. Let’s make the world a more positive, loving, and accepting place for everyone!