Pam Bailey



Òand i said to my body. softly. Ôi want to be your friend.Õ it took a long breath. and replied Ôi have been waiting my whole life for this.Ó Author Nayyirah Waheed

I’m the founder of Embrace All of You, helping women to Embrace Who They Are & Who They Can Become through coaching & workshops in person & online. I graduated from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating learning about body & food concerns, including Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, Chronic Dieting & Stress. Unresolved emotional issues can lead to unwanted weight, resolving those issues can lead to our food & body concerns resolving themselves. I rushed through the Body Image module at the Institute thinking ÒI don’t love my own body so I cant help others with thatÓ. When I saw ÒEmbraceÓ all that changed. I realised the information I have to share is far more important than what my body looks like. LIGHT BULB MOMENT! I became an Ambassador & I passionately share the BIM message whenever I can. Since becoming a widow suddenly at age 53, I’ve completed a degree in Nutritional Medicine & became a Beautiful You Life Coach. This combination of qualifications & life experience allows me to help women rediscover themselves when they are feeling lost in life after a traumatic event. DonÕt wait for a trauma you can change your life right now. IF NOT NOW, WHEN?