Regina Bailey

Las Vegas
United States


ÒTo be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.Ó _ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Someone Cares Campaign is an organization that is building a better community through bettering self-esteem, strengthening relationships, mentoring teens, and empowering families in our counseling center. In partnership with the Standing Strong organization, which has been supported by Oprah Winfrey, we are a community of support, resources and connection for girls and families. All of our programs encourage, motivate, uplift and empower individuals to live happy, healthy and inspired lives. Our programs are non-clinical and holistic to inspire and teach health and well-being. However, we do offer one-on-one sessions that connect expert counselors, psychologists, nutritionists, wellness coaches and more on an individual basis. The Someone Cares Center sessions are available for girls, boys, men, women, and families.