Tanya Mark

Jackson Hole
United States


I want to be known as the kind of feminist who gave humanity back her crown. - Tanya Markul, @thugunicorn

I am deeply moved and inspired by the Body Image Movement. My passion as a Mind Body Nutrition + Dynamic Eating Psychology expert, and former exercise trainer, is to be a Body Image Movement activist amongst the fitness and nutrition fields.ÊÊThe current strategies of restricted, perfectionist and pleasure-less eating and exercising more are outdated. They are creating an epidemic of people dissatisfied with their bodies. They are creating an epidemic of stressed and exhausted people feeling unworthy, spending an incredible amount of energy to try and change themselves because culture makes them believe they are not enough. I hold space for people to practice self-care because they desire to feel good. I help people look deeper at the root causes of their beliefs around food, body and self so they can shift their energy and contribute their unique gifts to make a difference in the world. I am driven to play bigger and up-level the definition of good health as it isn’t determined solely by what you eat and how you move; it’s how you’re nourishing your whole self. And, more importantly, good health doesn’t come in a certain size or shape.