Vie Portland

United Kingdom


And she lived hopefully ever after. (Shirley Maclaine in Sweet Charity)

I spent most of my life living within limits; I was limited by what people wanted of me and expected of me; I believed it when they said I was too big; that I wasn’t attractive; that I was boring: that I wasn’t interesting. Then I got very ill and realised something had to change. I bravely started saying yes to life experiences. I worked hard to develop ways to learn to love myself. People saw me performing and asked me to teach them. People saw me dancing and asked me to teach them. People saw me living my life and loving myself and they asked me to teach them. So, now, I am a body confidence coach, a vintage dance teacher and burlesque teacher. I’m me now and I love helping other women find out who they really are and how to love her. Feel free to say hello. xx