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Brenda Keane, Founder of BeKeane Healthy & Fit writes about her body loving journey and the ‘why’ behind her fun and functional activewear. She also shares her exciting new Embrace Kids leggings range with part proceeds going directly to our Embrace Kids documentary!

Some 7 years ago I was struggling with my health, how I felt about myself and the shape of my body.

I decided it was time to get healthy and work on the way I felt about this body of mine which actually serves me well considering it has grown four amazing humans, fed them, taken me on adventures and allowed me live the life I am living (Taryn told me this… well hundreds of us really …. at a Business Chicks breakfast and it changed my life!).

I was then and still am now a woman with curves, and I embrace these curves as they have lead me down this exciting path you see now.

While on my journey to get healthy, I joined an online program where I met a large number of women who, like me, wanted to get out and about to walk and exercise but I couldn’t find any Australian plus-size activewear options that were of good quality or or made to fit curvy bodies properly.

As a Personal Trainer of curvy women, again I noticed their activewear, rode up, fell down or both as they were not made for ample bosoms and yummy tummies.

So “I HAD A DREAM!” to create a range of activewear for CURVY women which would accommodate all our functional needs!

I have taken my knowledge and experiences of making any activity feel great, and combined those needs with lots of fun designs to suit everyone and every occasion.

The dream came to LIFE!

It took 6 years for me to get brave enough to try and create my brand. They are here and they are awesome. AND they go from a size 6 to a 38. Hearing the amazing feedback from the women about how much they love the fit, quality and designs is the greatest thrill of all.

And introducing… KIDS LEGGINGS!

During this amazing wild ride of mine I have been following Taryn and her quest to make the Embrace Kids documentary which will help kids understand how amazing and unique they are and how to feel confident in themselves.

Having children of my own I have been very aware of the body image and appearance issues kids can face (I currently have a 16 year old very lean young man who says he is fat every day and stresses over what he is eating “good and bad” food). I myself was never a small kid and my sister was always thinner than me, although I don’t really recall having any major issues back then with my body, I do recall being restricted and told what I could or should eat.

I wanted to ensure that our kids today grow up with no body image issues.

No problems around having a pimple – its a part of life and everyone gets them… about being fair or having red hair etc… I felt I could help and do something to support the cause and help raise money for the Embrace Kids documentary.

Together with Taryn and her BIM team we decided we could create a leggings range for kids which would make kids feel just as amazing as their mums were feeling in their own activewear with loads of positive messages all over them!

The Embrace Kids Leggings Range is available now and $10 from the sale of every pair of leggings goes straight to the Embrace Kids documentary.


These leggings are a collaboration with the Body Image Movement and Kate from Sketchcreatelove who designed the amazing and positive messages and images for all of these leggings. Shop the Range

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