BIMGAP mission statement

The Body Image Movement Global Ambassador Program (BIMGAP) is a network of positive body image ambassadors from around the world who represent, and advocate, the values and visions of the Body Image Movement (BIM).

BIMGAP was born in response to a passionate demand from the BIM community to become active participants in the fight against global body dissatisfaction.

Body Image Movement Global Ambassadors (BIMGAs) promote body positivity within their communities locally in the hope their combined efforts will improve body image mindsets globally.

BIMGAs are proud of their association with the internationally recognised Movement, holding themselves accountable for the language they use and the behaviours they model in relation to their bodies and the discourse of body image.

They engage with one another online, and in person, to strengthen their body positive advocacy, and support the work of BIM by dedicating one hour per week to spreading body positivity within their community.

Via a combination of online and face-to-face means, BIMGAs spend their individual hour each week sharing BIM, posts on social media, promoting BIM resources, and programs, presenting workshops drawing on BIM educational material and hosting screenings of the social change documentary Embrace.

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