Body Image Movement and Birdsnest have teamed up to help you Embrace


The Body Image Movement have partnered with Birdsnest to help women love and embrace their bodies with a new range of Embrace Tees and Embracelet jewellery. Yes “embrace”let!

Back in 2014, Jane Cay – Big Bird and Founder of Birdsnest, came across the EMBRACE Kickstarter Campaign Trailer.


There were so many elements of Taryn’s message that really struck a chord with what we’re trying to do here at Birdsnest.” says Jane.

When I saw the Body Image Movement and when I saw what Taryn was trying to do, I just thought wow there are so many women out there battling and we have this amazing community of women that we touch and that we can spread a message to, that they can feel like they’re not alone and that’s really exciting for me.  I just knew that I wanted to be a part of it, and I wanted to be part of taking action and doing something.” Jane continued.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Body Image Movement and Birdsnest have created an entire EMBRACE range of Tees, Sweaters and Embracelet jewellery. The best thing about the EMBRACE range is 100% OF PROCEEDS go directly to the Body Image Movement education and social outreach program. (More details and announcements to follow soon, but it is safe to assume that this program will positively impact the lives of many women and girls, men and boys and the relationship they have with their bodies.)

Press play to watch the video and find out more.

And the Body Image Movement are proud to announce that Birdsnest are firmly in the body lovin groove.  “We’re saying no to photoshopping women– so all curves, laugh lines, crows feet and freckles are staying in our shots.”  Jane says.  Yay!  High fives Birdsnest!

To see the range and pre-order, click here to visit the ‘nest’.


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“When women come together from a space of wanting to help others, only good can happen,” Taryn Brumfitt.

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