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Begin a life of body lovin’ today!

Throughout my body image journey I’ve been asked a lot of questions. How did you learn to love your body? Why is body image an issue today? Why do I feel this way? How do I change the way I feel so I can love my body?

I am a regular every day mum of three children who has the energy of a rocket and more optimism than I know what to do with. Life is bloody brilliant and I want you to feel the same. I truly love women, I believe we have many remarkable qualities but sadly we are often anchored down by negative thoughts that ‘sideline’ us from being all that we can be… until now!

With Dr Emma Johnston by my side, we are ready to give you the gentle yet firm encouraging push in the direction of your goals and dreams, because life is too short to be feeling anything less than fabulous! The latest version of the Body Lovin’ Guide will help you on the road to body lovin’ covering everything from the basics of understanding body image all the way through to changing the way we think, understanding ourselves and making the changes to lead you on a path to loving your body as a vehicle to your dreams!

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Product Description


Here’s what’s included:

  • Learn to accept your body – unapologetically and unconditionally.
  • Learn why you think the way you think and how to tweak your thinking to get the outcomes you want in life.
  • How to stay motivated by implementing strategies to prevent the wheels coming off.
  • How to listen to your body and eat mindfully
  • Why moving with the purpose of joy, rather than the purpose of losing weight can lead to sustainable and long term health results.

Join me, Emma and the Body Image Movement community and make this a year to remember!

So what is the Body Lovin’ Guide?

A negative perception of our own body is both destructive and unhealthy and can result in a damaged sense of self or poor self esteem. So the message here is – accept your body.

The guide is a 40 page digital e-book available only as an adobe acrobat PDF file. After purchase you can download the file to read on your computer, iPhone, iPad or laptop.

Return Policy: There are no returns & no refunds – no exceptions.

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