Day 10 – Choose Your Battles

In my book I talk about a piece of paper with a line down the middle with “things I can change” on one side and “things I need to accept” on the other.

Included on my ” I need to accept list” are things like my tummy and my boobies. No matter what I do and how healthy I am, my breasts and stomach will always have stretch marks, my boobs will never go back to their perky ways of the 90’s. As I have decided against cosmetic surgery I have a choice to accept or fight this reality, I choose to accept.

Why? Well it’s a complete waste of my time to focus my energy on something that is never going to change. Instead I choose my battles, and I focus on changing the things that I can change. For example, I have big bags under my eyes at the moment so the remedy is to get more sleep. I am a bit unfit so I am integrating more exercise into my daily routine. The list is long, and it’s incredibly exciting to have so much control over so many different parts of my health and body. I acknowledge the other side of the list ( the acceptance list) but choose not to spend any time dwelling on it.

So write your list and choose your battles wisely!