Embrace Education and Social Outreach Program

Our social impact vision for the Body Image Movement has always been to create a mind shift in how people think about their bodies and value themselves, EMBRACE is an important part of that process but in order to really make tangible change we have to be out in the community bringing it to the forefronts of people’s minds; that will come through our Educational and Social Outreach Program.

The initiatives in the Educational and Social Outreach Program include: 

  • Embrace School Action Toolkit: to support schools to facilitate positive body image activism by encouraging all students to be more accepting of who they are, to use positive language about their bodies and the bodies of others and to prioritize health rather than striving for the unrealistic ‘perfect body’ portrayed in media.
  • Embrace Parent Pack: a guide for parents in having conversations with their children to encourage positive body image to ensure happy, healthy and confident kids.
  • Supporting and developing the Body Image Movement Global Ambassador Program (BIMGAP)
  • Bringing the powerful seminar ‘Developing Daughters, Supporting Sons’ to rural and regional communities
  • Driving political change such as this petition to create legislation around labelling photoshopped imagery

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