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Hosting your own screening of Embrace is an amazing opportunity to connect with your community and spread the life-changing message of Embrace. For business owners, it’s the perfect way to educate and inspire your team, bring your clients together and position yourself as a leader in body positivity. Community groups and schools can use the film for education and fundraising. Or if you’re a body positive warrior, you’ll want nothing more than to bring your tribe together to soak up the powerful, body lovin’ vibes.

Looking to host a screening of the new EMBRACE KIDS documentary? Email us HERE and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

3 easy steps to host a screening

Purchase your screening licence
Host your Embrace screening
High 5! You’ve been a part of global change!

Get a Screening Licence


Public Screening Licence

Roadshow is here to help you with all enquiries. Australia please send your completed form to Roadshow Australia and New Zealand, please submit to Roadshow New Zealand.

Cinema Screening

Simply select a date and time and FanForce will get in touch with the cinema on your behalf. The screening goes ahead once a certain amount of tickets have been reserved.


The fabulous folks at Majestic are your go-to for screening licences and enquiries. Please contact Benjamin Herrmann.


If you are located in one of the following countries, you can get your screening licence directly from us. All you need to do is provide your own copy of the film, grab your licence and you’re ready to go.


Embrace is popping up in more countries all the time. Join our mailing list and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

Screening FAQs

Who can host a screening?

Anybody! That’s right, anybody can host a screening of Embrace, even you. From individuals and families or schools and universities to gyms, businesses, networking groups and councils, anybody can be a screening host and help share the message of Embrace.

Where can I host my screening?

The Embrace screening licence is specifically designed to be used outside of a cinema setting in whatever location you like! Host your screening in your boardroom, sports club, local school, university, gym, library or community hall.

How many times can I screen embrace with my licence?

Each licence purchased allows you to screen Embrace once only. Should you wish to screen Embrace multiple times, you will need to purchase multiple licences. Schools are exempt and may show the film multiple times within their school setting.

What does the licence entitle me to?
  • You may hold your screening once in a public or private setting. Schools may show the film multiple times within their school.
  • You may charge a fee for ticket holders.
  • You may use this event as a fundraising initiative.
Where do I get the film?

You are required to provide your own copy of Embrace for your screening. Click the link below to find out if the film is available in your country.

Can I organise a screening as a fundraiser?

You can use your screening licence as an opportunity to raise awareness, solicit donations, and galvanize your community into action. While you are welcome to fundraise in conjunction with your screening, the Body Image Movement cannot assist with any fundraising duties.

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