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We teamed up with award-winning children’s entertainment band Pevan & Sarah to bring you a song for kids with a powerful body positivity message and a party-starting vibe to boot.

This super fun song will teach kids the importance of loving their bodies. It’s the perfect tool for teachers and parents to plant the seed of Embracing. Enjoy the read-along video here!

Once that seed has been planted, The Embrace Hub can help it grow – we’ve created a range of resources for kids, parents and teachers to help young people love and celebrate their bodies. Check it out here.

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Taryn shares how the song came about…

I believe the universe is always conspiring to support my mission to create positive global change. The way this song came to be is proof of that!

After a Flinders University discussion panel last year, I spoke to the professors about my next passion project – the Embrace Kids documentary. I explained how the film would be for 8-12 year olds and how I also dreamt of creating a positive body image song that teachers could use in the classroom. The song would be an introduction to the world of Embrace and an entrée to the documentary.

The next morning, I had an email from the beautiful Pevan & Sarah…

Behind The Scenes

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Listen up, parents and teachers…

We’ve just launched The Embrace Hub, which is full of incredible resources to accompany the Embrace Kids song and book. The resources are fun, research-backed, and will help promote self-confidence and self-love with your students.

The issue of body image is affecting kids younger and younger. It’s our responsibility to help our kids foster a positive body image and provide them with the tools to build confidence and resilience in a world that will tell them they’re not good enough.

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