Embrace in Schools

Research indicates that adolescents with higher body satisfaction are more likely to engage in healthy eating and exercise, and less likely to be overweight, smoke, and consume alcohol and illicit drugs. Wouldn’t we want this for all our children?

Our mission is to educate kids to Embrace their bodies and love who they are, both inside and out. With close to 100 school speaking visits under her belt, Taryn knows how to connect with her audience, both males and females, from Year 1 to Year 12. Her storytelling skills tap into her own personal journey and leave a lasting impression on students.

In addition to her school talks, Taryn also presents her ‘Developing Daughters, Supporting Sons’ seminar – a talk for parents about how to encourage a body-positive environment at home. Download the speaking kit below for more information.

Download the School Speaking Kit

A Message for Teachers

I’m delighted you’re here reading this page and am excited by the prospect of working with your school. The best part of my job is the time I spend in schools inspiring kids to move, nourish, respect and enjoy their bodies.

It’s shocking to hear that 70% of children consider body image to be their number one concern. It was never meant to be this way – we weren’t born hating our bodies. It’s time to get kids back on track, so let’s do it together!

I work with schools to ensure my message of body positivity makes a lasting impact. Whether it’s reading my children’s book Embrace Your Body to early primary students or talking to Year 10s about my personal journey and how polite persistence wears down resistance, I will deliver a talk that invokes change and helps students understand that their bodies are not ornaments, but rather the vehicles to their dreams.

With love,


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