Not Just A Scarf

The Embrace Warrior Woman Scarf represents the incredible power that exists inside every one of us. She symbolises self-love and adventure, she begs you to find the magic in your body, she encourages you to RISE UP and EMBRACE. Brought to life by our wonderful friend and artist Holly Eva, she was created for warriors like you who want to change the world like us!

How will this scarf change the world? I’m so glad you asked!
100% of proceeds go directly to our Embrace Kids documentary. Your scarf represents your support and did we mention she’s gorgeous?!

Are you a warrior? Join our tribe.
We have a whopping 8000 scarves but once they’re sold out we begin production. If you and everybody in our community buys just 1 scarf… we’ll sell out in no time.

Be a Warrior!

3 easy steps to join our tribe

Purchase your Embrace Warrior Woman scarf
Snap and share a pic with us
High 5! You’ve helped change lives!

Be a Warrior!

Scarf FAQs

When will the scarf be delivered to me?

In Australia, 7-10 business days.

Worldwide, 14-21 business days.

Need help? Contact us with your order number at

How can I wear the scarf?

You can wear the scarf any way you want!
Here’s some inspiration:

  • Headband
  • Bracelet
  • Around your neck
  • Ponytail decoration
  • On your bag
  • As a belt

Take a picture of how you like to wear yours! And share on social media with #embracescarf

Be a Warrior!

Guilt Free Shopping

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