From Yo-Yo Dieting to Body Loving

My issues started with comfort eating.

I first started experiencing body image issues when I was about 15 years old. I was going through puberty and normal changes, but I also had some unpleasant experiences which lead me to use food as a comfort. Once I started to put on weight, the food I ate changed from friend to foe. I spent years battling between purging unhealthy and comforting food, to binge on it. I never felt good enough and was constantly on unhealthy diets and even when I lost the weight it was never enough. I never felt happy.

Then I stopped doing the things I loved.

I constantly felt uncomfortable when I went out, and I hated wearing bathers to the beach so I would make every excuse not to go. I didn’t join dance classes even though I love to dance because I felt ashamed of my size and felt that people would judge me. I certainly held myself back in my life, I would have put myself out there much more than I did if I felt better about how I looked. I always kept myself small and never took leaps for fear of what people thought of me.

The lightbulb moments that changed everything.

I watched the Embrace documentary twice in one week when it aired in Perth and it blew me away! I started following Taryn on Facebook and signed up for the newsletter, and from there I found the Embrace You program. I decided to sign up straight away, as I had recently given up diets and had tried everything else to feel better about myself. I thought it was worth a shot and the timing was perfect!

I enjoyed everything about the program; the videos and exercises were difficult to do at first, but it got easier. My favourite part was the ‘light bulb’ moment that happened in the second week when you had to tick off things you did or didn’t do because of your body issues. When I looked back over the lists it made me so sad and I vowed there and then that I was going to live my life differently!

I didn’t think this would be possible.

The biggest thing I have noticed since completing the course is that I really and truly have started to embrace my body. I didn’t think after 30 years of hating myself that this change would be possible, but it is! I still have bad days like everyone does, but now I dress how I want to dress, and I feel so much more confident.

Other people have noticed the change in me too.

My husband has seen a huge difference in me. It used to really annoy him when I would always ask about ten times, “do I look fat?” before we went out, but now he has noticed how confident I am, and he loves it! My friends have also noticed a difference as I am more relaxed and happier. I now choose to wear clothes that I love and that make me feel good (and sexy occasionally) without worrying what people think. I am choosing to do things that scare but excite me!

I feel lighter, I feel brighter, I feel more like me now.

I would encourage every woman to watch the movie, complete the program, and start their journey today. Don’t waste another day on the dieting merry-go-round – just accept and embrace your body and your life!

I truly admire Taryn and the team and think the Embrace mission is absolutely necessary and timely. I believe every woman needs to say to themselves every day that they love and accept themselves as they are, then turn to their sisters and say the same!

Lisa was featured on Today Tonight talking about her experience with the Embrace You program. Learn more about the program here.

Lisa Waterworth is a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador from Australia

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