Here’s to making the switch to period undies and never looking back.

I made the switch to reusable period underwear about 6 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. My preconception of period underwear was a bit – ewww and questions, oh I had lots of questions – how would it feel (wet?) how would it look (bulky?) how would I wash them (gross?)…


I’m pleased to say that Modibodi underwear keeps you dry, they are super comfortable and not bulky (they also cover your butt – hooray!) and they are so easy to clean (simply rinse out in cold water and bung them in the wash!). 

What’s even better, is that by choosing to ditch the disposables I am not contributing to the estimated 100 billion menstrual products that end up in landfill… EACH YEAR!!! 

There’s a lot I love about Modibodi period and leakproof underwear- Australian owned, economical, sustainable and they work! However what I love most is the way Modibodi walks the talk when it comes to empowering women, not just about their periods but how they feel about their bodies. 

In a world of unrealistic imagery, Modibodi NEVER photoshops, that means in a recent photoshoot when my left nipple went left and my right nipple went down – it stayed. When you could see my tummy ‘smile’ – it stayed. When you see the natural pigmentation under my armpits – yep, you guessed it, it stayed!

There are brands who do the right thing because it’s the ‘right thing to do’ and then there are the brands that do the right thing because they are so deeply passionate about how their every move impacts people and the world. Thanks Modibodi for being so rad, I’m really proud to be your global ambassador.

PS If you want to try Modibodi please use the CODE: TARYN15 at the checkout for 15% off (excluding bundles, sale items, gift cards and Maxi)

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