How this song came to be…

I believe that the universe is always conspiring to support my mission to create positive global change and the way that this song came to be, is proof of that.

So, how did the universe align?!

Last year I was invited to join a discussion panel for a Flinders University event focussed on all things body image. I was joined on the panel by not one but FOUR professors. (Thank goodness I had dealt with my severe case of imposter syndrome a couple of years prior or else I’m sure this high school dropout would have frozen, fainted or just not shown up!) After a successful evening of me dodging academic questions, the professors and I stood around talking about my next passion project – Embrace Kids documentary.

I explained how the film would be for 8-12 year olds and we discussed how sad it was that negative body image was affecting kids younger and younger, like the 5-year-old girl I met recently who was on a diet. I mentioned how I had dreamed of creating a positive body image song that school teachers could use in the classroom to promote self confidence and self love with their students. The song would be an introduction to the world of embrace, an entrée to the main event that was to come later – the Embrace Kids doco. The song idea had been swirling around in my head for months, but this was the first time I actually shared the dream with others.

*Cue universe – do your thang!

The next morning, I opened up my emails and this was the first one I read…

Email from Pevan & Sarah

Hi Taryn and BIM team,

Firstly, congratulations on all that you do! We watch in awe – such important work!

I’ve been following Taryn for years and was so excited to hear that you’re working on an Embrace Kids.

My husband and I are musicians turned primary school teachers who then created the award winning kids music group, ‘Pevan & Sarah’.
We’ve released two albums, have our music released by ABC for Kids, have played all over Australia and won “Best Live Children’s Entertainment” at the What’s on 4 Kids awards last year.

We see on the daily the effect of the media on kid’s self esteem and we want to help. We are offering you our services. Let us write an epic theme song for Embrace Kids.

You can check out our album on Spotify and if you like our style, please let us know what we can do support this amazing project. #ihaveembraced
Regards Sarah and Manny

I immediately jumped on a call with Sarah and Manny, desperately hoping they would be as genuine as they came across on email – and they were. They had no self-serving agenda, just a pure desire to support the Embrace Kids project.

Sarah and Manny were a dream to work with, they took my words and turned them into song lyrics and they were more than on point with my brief to give the song a bit of an 80’s twist! I flew over to Melbourne and we recorded the song in their home studio and Embrace Kids song was born…

This super fun song will teach kids the importance of loving their bodies. It’s the perfect tool for teachers and parents to plant the seed of embracing.

100% of proceeds from the Embrace Kids Song go directly to the Embrace Kids documentary so please download it from iTunes right now for only $1.69.

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