How to connect with your teen daughter.

Who remembers how hard it was being a teenager?  Urgh, I did.  Such an awkward period, dealing with changing bodies, hormones, friendships, relationships…

And now, having my own tween daughter myself, what a trip!  Life has done a 180!

As a parent, all you want is for your child to thrive.  Science tells us that the greatest predictor for your daughter’s wellbeing is her connection with you.

Let’s face it, it is often hard to know what is really happening with your teenage daughter.  And whilst we’d love to read their minds, or think or know how they feel, it’s almost impossible to know for sure.

What we do know is that whilst there has never been a better time to be a teenage girl, there’s never been a more challenging time.  Alcohol and drugs, mental health concerns, body image issues, technology and social media, premature or non-consensual intimacy, and friendship troubles are just a handful of issues they struggle with.

To help survive these years, our daughters need connection.  And as parents, we want that strong connection too, but quite often when we do our best to create it, we’re left with a mis-connection.  Fortunately, there are tools to help us with this and I’m excited to be part of one!

The Miss-Connection Summit is all about one thing – taking you into the world of today’s teenagers and helping you connect with your daughter in the way she needs you to.

Ten people who are experts in different challenges your daughter may be facing, whether it’s drugs, body image, anxiety, or self-perception, will show you how to help your daughter in a safe, positive way.

The Miss-Connection Summit is on Tuesday October 5, 9am AEDT.  Full details can be found here

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