It’s time to Embrace You…

Shedding light on the global epidemic of body dissatisfaction in Embrace the documentary, and sharing my journey from body loather to body lover in my very first book Embrace, one question has constantly been asked of me from audiences and readers around the world…

How do I embrace?

Up until now, I’ve been so busy spreading the Body Image Movement’s message with the world that I haven’t had time to pass on to you that final piece of the puzzle. After seeing Embrace, I know you’re motivated to make a change in your life, and after reading my story, I know you’ve realised that if I can love my body, you can too… but how?

Rewind to the part where I said, “up until now”, because I finally have the solution! Introducing the Embrace You 4-week Online Program that I have developed to help you do just that – embrace you.

Embrace You is something the Body Image Movement team and I worked tirelessly on throughout 2017. We dreamt about it, workshopped it, developed it, tested it and in November 2017, we finally gave birth to it!

So, what is Embrace You?

Consider Embrace You a ‘how-to’ guide, and a bosom buddy that helps bolster your body confidence over four action-packed weeks. It’s a road map to self-acceptance and unconditional body love that I wished had been available to me when my body loathing was at its worst.

It may be hard to imagine when you see my colourful posts on social media, that the woman who now confidently splashes about at the beach in her bathers, used to hate her body so much she was too ashamed to leave the house. It may be hard to imagine – if this is your current predicament – that you could ever feel the way that I do about my body now, but I am living proof that it is possible to love the skin you’re in wholeheartedly. In Embrace You, I take you through the steps to learn to love your body, just as I learnt to love my own.

Providing you with the information, resources, and support you need to unconditionally love your body, this program teaches you how to embrace the skin you’re in exactly as it is right now – no diets, detoxes or exercise plans necessary. Through engaging videos and activities, this program teaches you how to love your body in the present and prepares you for loving it long into your future.

It’s easily accessible via computer or mobile device.

Over four inspiring weeks, you will learn how to recognise and tune out the toxic messages that encourage you to hate your body, learn how to stop engaging in body shaming activities that impact your happiness and build a toolkit of ongoing strategies to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Embrace You features 76 minutes of epic body loving video, 54 pages of information, inspiration and activities, and 12 months of ongoing support. Plus, I am with you every step of the way with weekly live coaching sessions and advice.

Join me! Learn how to unconditionally love your body and embrace you.

As your pseudo ‘older sister’ who has been where you are, I promise body love is the greatest thing you are ever going to play with! Don’t take my word for it though! Let Jean tell you…

“Finally, after almost 50 years I can look at myself in the mirror…NAKED…and say I am beautiful. This is something that I never dreamed I would be able to do. What a new beginning!”

Read more feedback from our participants here.

It’s time to Embrace You. For more info and to join, head here.

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