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Women across the world feel like they can’t compete with the seemingly perfect bodies that surround them in social media, magazines and advertising. It’s created a global epidemic of body loathing and left countless women feeling helpless and alone. But with the Body Image Movement it doesn’t have to be that way.


Embrace is a documentary that delves into why so many women hate their bodies and what we can do about it. We believe in the power and value of this film so much that we started the Race To Embrace. We gave out $10 notes across North America for women to download and watch Embrace for FREE. If they loved the film we asked them to pass $10 on, like a baton, to another person to download the film. Now the Race To Embrace is spreading across North America.

Race to Embrace 1

You don’t need to wait to receive $10,  you can start your own race by printing off your own card and pass it on, along with $10, to a friend or family member who you know needs to embrace. This ain’t any old race; this is a relay race and it will be the best $10 you ever spend!

Race to Embrace Print at Home Card Image

Download Your Race to Embrace Print at Home Card

Printing Instructions:
Print your Race to Embrace Card
Trim along the dotted line
Fold in half along the solid line
Then fold in half again to make a card


  1. WATCH EMBRACE. Purchase and download Embrace now. Follow the link for a list of AVAILABLE OUTLETS.
  2. PASS IT ON. If you love the film pass $10 on, like a baton, to another person that needs to Embrace. Include the Race To Embrace card with your $10 so that the next person knows how to continue the race.
  3. SHARE A SELFIE with your $10 note on social media, tag your friends and inspire everyBODY to join the race.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EmbraceItForward

Race to Embrace v2


When 1 million people download Embrace, it will not only change their lives but we will be able to change millions more by providing FREE study guides and body image education to every school in North America. Now is the time to come together and rise up against body loathing so that we can create positive global change and inspire future generations.