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I’m so happy you’re here because I have something really important to say. The lens in which you see the world over the coming months will have a profound impact on your mental health and wellbeing. There is no denying that this moment in history is frightening. The uncertainty is unnerving but whether we like it or not, this virus is here – we can let it wreak havoc and rule our life or we can use this as an opportunity to reflect, learn, grow and reset.

The Reset Summit is an online summit of international leaders sharing their wisdom and expertise to help support you navigate the changing world. Our experts are performance psychologists, meditation gurus, neuroscience experts, surgeons, disability advocates, declutterers and artists – each individual has made a profound impact on my life and I’m excited to share their collective power and insights with you.

We can’t high five, but we can high vibe, and together we can choose to turn this darkness into light, this crisis into opportunity. You are going to LOVE The Reset Summit!

Taryn and team x

To support their customers through COVID-19, Optus is providing free access to The Reset Summit. Head to https://www.optusperks.com.au/pre-sales/the_reset_summit to register for your free code.

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It’s time to reset, here’s why.

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Our Expert Guests

Tami Roos

A best-seller author, Tami offers timeless wisdom for the individual seeking to slow down, gain clarity and experience more calm in their life.

Kemi Nekvapil

An accredited executive and personal coach with over 25 years in the wellness industry, Kemi works with female leaders to unlock obstacles that prevent value-based leadership.

Dr Gemma Munro

An award-winning speaker with a PhD in performance psychology, Gemma has inspired tens of thousands of people over the word with her speaking engagements.

Kate Allen

Spiritual coach, facilitator and successful organic café and wellbeing market owner, Kate believes three simple elements will connect a community globally – Love, Food & Gratitude.


A psychologist who helps people improve their relationship with food, physical activity, and their bodies from a non-dieting perspective.

Danielle LaPorte

Canadian based Danielle is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, blogger and bestselling author three non-fiction books with an emphasis on conscious goal-setting and entrepreneurship.

Holly Eva

Holly Eva is an intuitive contemporary artist known for her freestyle expressionist abstract work and Warrior Woman paintings. Her unique style carries a sense of fun and freedom.

Sarah Davidson

Self-proclaimed overenthusiastic life lover and lawyer turned entrepreneur, Sarah Holloway believes in grabbling life by its balls and trusting the universe to achieve your fullest potential.

Shelley Laslett

The CEO and Co-Founder of Vitae. Coach (Vitae) – a coaching company that combines neuroscience with technology.

Dr Nikki Stamp

A heart and lung surgeon and passionate advocate for women’s health, Dr Nikki Stamp is determined to change the way we think about health.

Rebecca Mezzino

An accredited professional organiser and decluttering coach, Rebecca is dedicated to help people meet their organisational goals.

Wayne Schwass

Having battled depression for most of his Australian rules sporting career, Wayne is a leading mental health advocate and founder of PukaUp.

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The Reset Summit FAQs

How can I login to The Reset Summit if I've purchased or have free access?

If you have purchased The Reset Summit, or your an Optus customer and have gone through the Optus sign up process and have received your login details via our auto-generated email, you can input your generated login details into the login page by clicking the link in your email or by clicking below link:


**Please note if you are a new customer you will need to wait for the auto-generated email to arrive in your inbox and use the auto-generation login details to login the first time.

How long do I have access to the content?

You will have lifetime access to the content in The Reset Summit.

What if I've paid for the Summit but haven't received any emails?

Please check your junk, spam and promotions folders and add hello@bodyimagemovement.com to your email contacts. Check that the purchase was successful in your transactions.
Also ensure that you selected either the $9, $19 or $29 option. If you only donated via the *PLUS: Donate To The Movement option, you will not recieve access to the Summit.
If you can’t find an email confirmation and it has been at least half an hour since you’ve purchased the program, please email us at hello@bodyimagemovement.com with the email and full name you used to join The Reset Summit and we will assist.

What if I have received my confirmation email, but I haven’t received the login details email?

Please check your junk, spam and promotions folders and add hello@bodyimagemovement.com to your email contacts.
If you can’t find the login details email and it has been at least an hour since you’ve purchased the program, please email us at hello@bodyimagemovement.com with the email and full name you used to join The Reset Summit and we will assist.

I’m an Optus customer, where do I get my code?

Optus is providing free access to The Reset Summit to support their customers through COVID-19. Head to https://www.optusperks.com.au/pre-sales/the_reset_summit to register for your free code if you are an Optus customer.

Can I watch the expert videos on the go?

Yes! You can easily access the course content online, through a computer, smart phone, laptop or tablet so it couldn’t be more simple. You’ll just need an internet connection.

What is the difference between paying by Paypal vs Credit Card?

For our Australian customers, we offer payment by credit card in AUD (AU Dollars). For our international customers, we offer a Paypal payment ONLY in USD (US Dollars). Please select whichever payment method you wish and please note Paypal can only process the payment in USD. There may be extra fees and charges for international payments depending on your financial institution.

Why are my password details not working? / Why can’t I log in on another device?

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You will need an internet connection to be able to access The Reset Summit.

How do I reset my password?
  1. Click here to go to the login page, then click ‘Lost your password?’ under the login form.
  2. Input your email that is associated with your Reset Summit login details. Please ensure to use the email that you used to sign up to The Reset Summit with and that you type it correctly.
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Note: If you don’t receive an email, it may have landed in a spam/junk/promotions folder, you may have typed the email in incorrectly, or you may be using an invalid email that isn’t associated with your Reset Summit account.

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