Charlie’s Tales Dara and the Moonlight Cub


Charlie’s Tales Dara and the Moonlight Cub, developed in collaboration with Bunnings, teaches young people the importance of self-care and looking after their bodies, helping them realise that their bodies are vehicles for life which allow them to do and achieve wonderful things.

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The Charlie’s Tales series aims to build body confidence in early developmental years to prevent the development of negative body image. Charlie is positioned as a peer role model to set an example for young people – she embodies the characteristics of someone with a healthy body image and learns more about what her body can do, how it is unique and what she can do to look after it through her interactions with the other characters in each book.

The Charlie’s Tales books were originally developed by the Pretty Foundation through the support of the Liptember Foundation, and are now being distributed by The Embrace Collective. All proceeds go directly to The Embrace Collective to enable us to distribute free body image programs and resources to young people around Australia.


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