Spotlight on Shelley Laslett

I met Shelley Laslett at the Nurture Her conference in Fiji in 2018 and we immediately hit it off. Both speakers at the event, I remember meeting her on the first night and vibing with her immediately. Meeting fellow speakers at big conferences is always a mixed bag, some people see you as competition and others are delighted to meet you. Shelley and I were (of course) the latter and soon I discovered that the Nurture Her event organisers had curated only the types of people that support, encourage and lift each other up. (Side note, put the Nurture Her conference on your to-do list, the best conference I’ve ever attended!)

Now back to the fabulous Shelley…

Shelley is a neuroscience coach, social scientist, PG neuroscientist, startup advisor, strategist and growth hacker. Shelley is a humanist, an anthropology major and therefore a people lover. Above all, she believes in the good of people, and their incredible power and capability to create great things.

I always joke with Shelley and tell her how much I admire her big brain, and she always responds “It’s no bigger than yours”! It’s become a running joke between us, but watch her on The Reset Summit and you’ll know what I mean!

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