• Jessica Lynn

    Thank you, Taryn, for this post and for all of your hard work. I think it is very easy to judge another person’s choices, without having walked in their shoes. I agree that anything we’re doing to our bodies – from shaving our legs (which I just don’t do anymore lol) to wearing makeup (which I love) should be OUR choice, and not something we feel pressured to do. I think this is a reminder that is needed in body acceptance circles, because some are quite militant and if a person wants to do anything perceived as capitulating to societal pressures, even if it’s what THEY want, they are ostracized or accused of not being truly pro body acceptance. I think having such a narrow view of this process alienates people who could be allies, and also those people who maybe would love to stop shaving their legs or wearing makeup but just aren’t there yet… and the last thing they need is another place where they are judged for “doing it wrong” somehow!

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