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While the advocacy our ambassadors undertake is as individual as they are, from sharing branded content on social media to hosting body positive events, all of our ambassadors strive to achieve the same passionate goal – to put an end to the global body dissatisfaction epidemic.

Our ambassadors are positive role models to those around them, taking accountability of the language they use in relation to their bodies which in turn, inspires others to do the same. Are you ready to join us and leave a body positive legacy for the next generation?

Bimga Mission Statement

Body Image Movement Global Ambassadors (BIMGAs) promote body positivity within their communities. BIMGAs are proud and active participants, holding themselves accountable for the language they use and the body positive behaviours they model. They represent, and advocate, the values and visions of the Body Image Movement (BIM) by sharing body positivity on social media, sharing BIM resources, and programs and hosting screenings of the social change documentary Embrace.

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What is the role of an ambassador?

The Body Image Movement Global Ambassador Program (BIMGAP) was born in response to a passionate demand from the Body Image Movement (BIM) community to become active participants in the fight against global body dissatisfaction. An ambassador’s role is to help us do just that – help fight against global body dissatisfaction by spreading body positivity within their local community.

What is expected of me as an ambassador?

As an ambassador, it is expected that you are an active member of the BIM community, have an understanding of (and belief in) the movement’s values and vision, have an active Facebook profile, must be comfortable to appear on our BIMGAP Online Directory, a willingness to participate in our Private BIMGAP Facebook group, are committed to embracing your body and are able to dedicate one hour per week to promoting body positivity. We also require all participants to have read, understood and agree to the conditions outlined in our BIMGAP Participation Agreement.

What is the BIMGAP hour-of-power (HOP)?

Each week, BIMGAs are required to spend one hour spreading body positivity with their community (either their local community or their online community). BIMGAs can spend their time sharing BIMs social media posts within their personal networks, encouraging their community to embrace through positive body image posts online, through hosting screenings of Embrace the documentary or simply by starting a body positive conversation with someone they know.

Will I be paid by BIM for the work I do as an ambassador?

Participation in BIMGAP is 100% voluntary and strictly unpaid. There is no monetary or financial remuneration awarded to those in the role.

As a BIMGA, what would my relationship to BIM be?

Your relationship to BIM would be strictly as an ambassador. It is important to make clear that while you represent all that we stand for and believe in as a movement, you are not an employee (and don’t ‘work’ at the Body Image Movement). It is important that our BIMGAs adhere to this across all forms of communication and activities (e.g. the Body Image Movement can not appear as your ‘workplace’ on social media).

What is the purpose of the BIMGAP Directory?

The purpose of the BIMGAP Online Directory is to allow BIMGAs from around the world to connect with one another and to allow the people of the world to see how far and wide this movement reaches! Each BIMGA is represented on a map of the world, in the form of an icon representing their location, with those visiting able to learn a little more about them via their very own body positive profile!

How can I be part of the BIMGAP Online Directory?

All BIMGAs can be part of the BIMGAP Online Directory! All new BIMGAs receive information on how to setup their profile when they are formally accepted into the program.

Do I have to be part of the BIMGAP Online Directory as a BIMGA?

All BIMGAs are expected to be part of the BIMGAP Online Directory. As part of your role as a BIMGA, it is expected that you are comfortable to advocate for body positivity – whether you are on a journey to body loving or whether you completely love yourself sick – and that you are comfortable to promote being part of the program.

What information do I have to share in my BIMGAP Directory profile?

As part of your BIMGAP Online Directory profile, you will need to share a first and second name (you may elect your middle name, should you wish for your surname to remain private), your location (city, state and country), how long you have been part of BIMGAP, a little bit about you (up to 100 words), your favourite quote, your social handles (if you wish) and a photograph of yourself … which can be as creative as you like!

When was BIM established?

July 2011.

What is BIM?

The Body Image Movement (BIM) is an internationally recognised crusade that was founded on the belief that your body is not an ornament, it’s the vehicle to your dreams. BIM believes that everyone has the right to love and embrace their body, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity or ability.

Through educational resources, speaking events and inspiring content the Body Image Movement, headed by founder Taryn Brumfitt, is teaching the world to love the skin they’re in.

Are there any career opportunities at BIM?

All career opportunities available at BIM will be advertised through BIM and BIMGAP mailing lists, where applicable, and on BIM’s social media. So stay tuned!

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