At the Body Image Movement, we’re all in. Over the years, we’ve created some life-changing projects and smashed a ton of goals. You’ll find our favourite initiatives below.

Embrace Yourself Tour

We live for our community, so when it came time to release Taryn’s book Embrace Yourself  in September 2018, the cookie cutter approach just wouldn’t do. Instead, we took the Embrace bus on her maiden voyage with seven events in seven days in seven towns across Australia. It was a huge success, with thousands of women coming together for the ultimate girls’ night out to embrace and connect through laughter, tears, fashion and storytelling.


We had an absolute body lovin’ blast on the Embrace Yourself Tour but, more importantly, we inspired people to have better relationships with their bodies and their lives. Why did we bring you this tour? The answer is simple: to give back to those people in regional cities and towns across Australia who have been incredibly supportive of Embrace the documentary and the Body Image Movement. Not only did we bring women together to entertain, inspire and educate, we also raised more than $10,000 for the Embrace Kids documentary.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our major supporter birdsnest and wonderful supporting sponsors and town sponsors.

Embrace You Jump Challenge

The most powerful feeling that women experience when they stop hating their body and make the choice to embrace it? Joy. We want every woman on the planet to experience this feeling, so in February 2018 we invited our community to join us by sharing their ‘jump into life’ moment and we compiled some of our favourites in a little video.

It didn’t matter if people jumped into a pool, on a trampoline, into a ball pit or even the snow! All we wanted was to see their joy and share it with others to spread the love and message of body positivity, to help women everywhere Embrace.

Embrace The Union Project

Launched in 2017, Embrace: The Union Project is an opportunity for individuals, teachers, health professionals, businesses and philanthropists to lead a body image revolution throughout the UK.

We’re seeking 2,000 people to purchase a public licence to screen Embrace (or gift their screening to a school or community group) and in doing so, contribute to a greater legacy for the next generation – vital body image education.


When we accomplish our mission, The Body Image Movement will create the Embrace Education Study Guide UK and make it accessible to every secondary school across the UK for FREE. This resource inspires life-changing body image conversations in the classroom.

We’re only a few hundred licenses away. If you’d like to get us closer to our goal, get your UK public screening licence here.

Hosts get access to an entire kit of resources to help make your event a success.

Thanks to our education partner:

Race To Embrace

When Embrace the documentary launched in North America in 2017, the Race To Embrace was born. We believe in the power and value of this film so much that we gave out thousands of dollars of $10 notes for women to download and watch Embrace for FREE. If they loved the film (which we knew they would) we asked them to pass $10 on, like a baton, to another person to download the film. The Race To Embrace quickly spread across North America and years later we still hear from people who are ‘on the race’ and watching the film – #goosebumps!

For the proactive peeps in our community, they could start their own race by printing a card from our website and pass it on, along with $10, to a friend or family member who needed to embrace. This wasn’t any old race, it was a relay race and it only took $10 to change someone’s life.

Girls’ Night In

In celebration of Embrace the documentary’s North American release in February 2017, we created the Girls’ Night In to unite tens of thousands of people across the country to press play and watch Embrace TOGETHER! At the conclusion of the film attendees had the opportunity to connect with Director Taryn Brumfitt on Facebook Live.

From New York City to San Diego and everywhere in between, this was more than just a night in watching a movie, it was an opportunity to connect with the online Embrace community and combat the issue of negative body image together.

“When women come together and connect we have the ability to change the world. I wanted women to join me for the Girls’ Night In, to stand as one, to say enough is enough and to say from this moment on I will Embrace my body” – Taryn Brumfitt


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