This is one stat that we need to change…

70% of Aussie kids cite that body image is their #1 concern.  70%.  Let that sink in.

It is my mission to change this, and whilst I’m confident that the release of the Embrace Kids documentary next year will have a notable impact on this issue, I’m still pressing ahead with another passion project of mine – school talks.

In real life, or virtually. In Australia and across the world!

There is nothing like connecting with students in such a way that positively impacts the way they see their body, and for them to realise that their body is not an ornament, but a vehicle to their dreams.

It makes me a bit sad but the reality is as we approach the launch of the Embrace Kids documentary (mid 2022) I’m going to have to take a hiatus from school talks because the ‘human being duplication device’ STILL hasn’t been created!  I just can’t be in two places at once. So right now, I’m on a mission to do as many school talks and reach as many kids as possible up until the end of March next year.


No child was born hating their body, it’s a learned behaviour, I want to undo what’s been done and I am calling on you to play a part. Please can you help us spread the word by telling your school about these really important EMBRACE school talks  – they are life-changing for many students. Spread the word to other parents, teachers, principals, governing councils, year level directors…

Everything you need to know about EMBRACE School talks can be found here

And in the meantime, parents keep doing your best, teachers keep being legends and you reading this –  keep embracing!

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