To Carbs we say “YES”

Yay! Last month I announced that I’ve officially became an Ambassador for one of my favourite food brands – San Remo! It’s a no-brainer, pasta and I have been besties for years! 

San Remo, like Body Image Movement, are committed to creating positive change and are getting behind the Embrace Kids message.  As you know, we want to inspire the next generation to move, nourish, respect and most importantly ENJOY their bodies.  No child was born hating their bodies (or scared to consume carbs) and yet 70% of Aussie school children consider body image to be their #1 concern.

It’s my mission to conquer and change this alarming statistic and San Remo are on board to help us embed the message that “Your body is not an ornament, it is the vehicle to your dreams” into the hearts and minds of millions of children.

I’m not going to lie; a nice side bonus is that I have access to their range of pasta (winning!!). Pasta is weekly staple in our busy, chaotic household, so I plan to share with you all some of my dishes that tick the boxes of being nutritious, filling (ahhh, hello – this is a must with teenage boys!) and most importantly quick & simple.

To start you off, here is one of my favs a one-pot spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and bacon.  It is seriously yummo – I add chilli flakes to the adults dish for a little extra zing!

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