How to Love Your Body

This Valentine’s Day, Fall In Love With You

Valentine’s Day is on its way and regardless of how you might feel about a corporate-created holiday, there is something special about a day dedicated to love.

However this year, we’re promoting a different kind of love: SELF-LOVE.

Let’s imagine for a second that everything we’ve ever said about our body, we’ve said to a close friend. ‘Fat’, ‘Ugly’, ‘Disgusting’; poked and prodded; bullied and insulted, until it becomes something we don’t even recognise, let alone love.

What kind of friend would call you disgusting and ugly everyday? Not a good one.

Why then do we accept this as a normal way to treat ourselves?

What women said BEFORE watching Embrace

At the Body Image Movement, we’ve lost count of the amount of emails and messages we’ve received from women all over the world who are in the midst of a battle against their bodies.

  • For as long as I can remember, I have loathed my body. I’ve tried multiple fad diets and they’ve always failed. I’ve gotten to a point where I just don’t know how to do it anymore” 
  • “I blame my body for being single, for betraying me.”
  • “As a daughter I have been body shamed my whole life. As a mother I’ve been guilty of making my beautiful daughters body conscious because of my own insecurities.”
  • “I have spent 10 years pointing out all my physical flaws. I am 35 and refuse to wear swimmers.”
  • “Instead of accepting a compliment from my husband, I turn it into a negative attack – my bum is huge, my stomach hangs down, look at this double chin”

“Where is the love?” – asked Fergie back in 2003.
Well for many women it got lost some time between school and childbirth, if it was ever there to begin with. Negative body image is an issue that can seep into the very essence of your being, leaving you feeling disconnected from yourself and changing the way that you interact with others. You’ve read above some of the direct impacts of negative body image, but less direct are the prolonged effects of feeling unworthy, unwanted, and unlovable. It can lead to women taking the passive role in relationships, not standing up for themselves and not speaking up when something’s not right because they feel undeserving of decent human connection. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Too big, too small, too round, too flat? For too long the answer we’ve been given to feeling unhappy in our body is a barrage of extreme diet and exercise regimes, cosmetic surgery and products designed to fix our perceived inadequacies. These ‘answers’ all agree that there’s a problem in the first place. It’s no wonder that women of all shapes and sizes hate their body. The answer is never love.

What women said AFTER watching Embrace

Once you make the choice to love your body, you open up your life to an endless range of possibilities. Women all over the world are beginning to embrace their bodies and it’s looking a little something like this:

  • “Your movie has helped me realise, the only opinion that truly matters is my own. I am in control of my happiness and my sense of belonging. It clicked. This body is OK.”
  • I have just watched your documentary and I just want to say “thank you”. For the first time in a VERY long time I feel a little more at peace with who I am… Like others I hate the thought of popping on my swimsuit to have a dip with my boys… what a waste of precious time I have lost…but as of  today I’m going to change, I’m going to stop the self hatred, I’m going to rock the body that I have, and I’m going to just enjoy being ME.”
  • “Watching your film felt amazing and I wanted to thank you with all my heart for being you and helping me feel like it’s ok to be me.”
  • Not only did it inspire me, it was enlightening and helped cement the light bulb moments I have had in my own journey. My happiness cannot be measured by a tape measure or in units of kilograms or centimeters. Happiness comes in many forms.”

So this Valentine’s Day, Fall in Love with You.

Rather than snuggling up with The Notebook or Pretty in Pink, this Feb 14th press play on a film that will rekindle an even greater love story: yours. You won’t be wishing for a Mr Right at the end of the film, you’ll be wishing for a mirror to declare your undying love and affection into. We’ve created a series of online events across the US and Canada, starting with our very special Valentine’s Day Girls’ Night In. You and thousands of like-minded women across North America will tune in and watch Embrace TOGETHER, followed by a Facebook Live Q&A with me. If you would like to join us REGISTER HERE.

There’s noBODY you spend more time with; so use this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show some love to yours.

(Busy on Valentine’s Day? Lucky you! You can still throw some body lovin’ your own way – We’re hosting a series of Girls’ Night In events around North America so you won’t miss out. More Girls’ Night In DETAILS HERE)