With our friends at Birdsnest, Embrace can fly

Collaborating with inspiring and dynamic women is one of my life’s greatest joys. I love to surround myself with women who ooze authenticity, drive, generosity, and care for others. It’s why I am so in love with Jane Cay – founder of Birdsnest. I first connected with Jane in 2014, when she and her team generously contributed a whopping $8000 to the Embrace Kickstarter campaign. We exchanged a few emails and phone conversations and I immediately knew she was an incredible human being. When I met Jane in person, I remember it distinctly because it was Easter time and Jane and her family had travelled from Cooma in regional NSW to Adelaide to visit family.

I remember sitting in my backyard having morning tea with Jane, her hubby and three kids and being blown away by her generous spirit and her jeans (elasticated at the top for comfort and super funky down below). I live in these jeans and love them so much I’ve since purchased three more pairs!

It was during this morning tea that the idea was born to create an Embrace range and to use the proceeds for social and educational outreach.

Fast forward a couple of months and in July of 2016, we had an Embrace line on the Birdsnest website. I say that so flippantly like, “Voilà it just happened!”, but trust me behind the scenes there were lots of birds flapping to make this range come to life so quickly and beautifully.

The Birdsnest team were ambitious and set a target to raise $100,000 after the first year, and after only nine short months, we raised a whopping $70,129. Now, I am proud to say that we exceeded our goal and raised OVER $100,000. Can you believe it? It really brings me to tears to think at a time when I needed support and the Body Image Movement needed a shoulder to lean on, Jane was there – a total stranger but now someone I call a true and beautiful friend.

So, what did we do with the funds? So much!

One thing that was really important to the Birdsnest team was bringing Embrace and the vision of the Body Image Movement to schools across Australia. We used a portion of the funds (with help from Media Stockade, the Documentary Australia Foundation, and the John T Reid Charitable Trust) to create the Embrace Educational Study Guide.

As well as the study guide, we used the funds to subsidise my speaking appearances in schools, including the costs of flights and accommodation. This was a wonderful contribution because it allowed me the opportunity to travel far and wide across Australia to get Embrace and my story in front of those that needed to see it most: students.

We have hundreds of Body Image Movement ambassadors around the globe, and our dream was to find a way to connect them with each other and the public.

Fortunately, the Birdsnest funds allowed us to roll out a global directory for our Ambassadors to connect with one another and for the public to connect with Ambassadors in their local area and this is now up and running! We now have our Global Ambassadors each providing an ‘hour of power’ once a week to help spread the message of the Body Image Movement. This group is so important as I’ve always believed that as individuals, we’ll endure the toxic messages but together our shared voice is so valuable and gives us strength. By joining forces with people all around the world, we don’t only create a dynamic support group, we combine our efforts to create global change. There are so many individuals across the world who need support for their body image issues and our ambassadors are such a positive light for so many, but they need support too.

To further support our goal, we invested the remaining funds into more initiatives to support students.

Every week, we are asked to contribute to school projects and we often have to decline because of our very limited resources. The funds have been used to develop content and videos that will be publicly available for everyone to access the Body Image Movement website.

We made every single dollar go as far as possible and every decision was made with these questions in mind: “How do we create the most meaningful impact? How can we give you the biggest bang for your buck?”. It’s been a beautiful experience spending time in schools and talking to students about Embrace. Watching change develop when people open up and connect with one another and sharing their intimate, personal stories make it all worth it.

The Birdsnest funds have and will continue to change lives.

I am deeply honoured and proud, but mostly, I am grateful for Jane and her birds – they’ve been angels to us at Body Image Movement. We can’t wait to see where our partnership can take us, Birdsnest helped us find our wings, so now the sky’s the limit!

So, to you reading this, go forth and get shopping! You will not only love the range, but you will love knowing that every dollar goes towards creating positive global change. SHOP THE BIRDSNEST EMBRACE RANGE HERE

Love and hugs,

Taryn xx

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