You asked, and I’ve spoken. Here’s the lowdown on period undies.

Ok, I am highlighting in advance that this blog may make some of you uncomfortable.  I am going to talk about a topic that some may perceive as ‘taboo’ or something that quite frankly isn’t spoken about quite openly…

Periods.  More specifically, the management of, using reusable period underwear.

I’m sure many of you have come across one of my declarations of love on using period underwear to manage my monthly visits.  I’ve been using Modbodi for over 6 years now, and let me tell you, they have been a game changer.

Recently I did an Insta-story asking for any questions people may have on using period underwear, and boy, did I get a response.  So much so that my initial plan on creating a simple post to respond has turned into writing up an official blog entry on it all.

Do you have to wash them separately and straight after wearing?

Yes, you do have to rinse them straight after use – a simple rinse under cold water until the water runs clear is fine. This is important for removing any discharge or blood clots that may be on the surface.  Side note: You may be surprised by how much blood is actually in them, I know I was.

After this rinse they can go in the wash with your other clothes – no need to separate them!

Do they stain? I’m scared to buy ones that aren’t black.

They don’t! All of their gussets are black and won’t stain. You could always try a completely black pair first to get a feeling of how your flow works with their technology first, and then take it from there.

How often do you need to change them?

It depends – this is different from person to person, and can sometimes be different each month depending on your flow. Some people can wear them all day and change into a fresh pair before bed – on heavier days that same person may need to change after 4 hours or so if they are having a heavier flow.

The heaviest absorbency for the Modibod range is Maxi-24hrs which absorbs 50mls of liquid. For reference, I am told that the average person loses 80mls of blood during the whole period (although it sometimes feels like a lot more!)

For me, the first two days of my flow are on the heavier side, so I wear Maxi’s for the first couple days, then the days following I use their normal range and find it fine for all day use.

Are they good for heavy days and overnight?

Yep! I would recommend our Maxi-24hrs or Heavy-Overnight for overnight protection. The absorbent lining goes all the way up the back to extra protection, so no leakage!

Does it feel like wearing a nappy?  Does it feel heavy & wet?

You would be surprised at how many times I was asked this question.  I’m glad to respond ‘Nope’! You’ll be surprised at how thin they are – only 3mms! If it starts to feel ‘heavy’ than it is time to change or you could even order a heavier absorbent undie in the range.

I’m conscious of the smell. Do they smell?

Another popular question!  In one word ‘no’.  To put it frank, vaginas and blood will have a smell, this is normal. But that smell you may be thinking of can be caused from the plastic and chemicals in certain disposable products. Modibodi are breathable and are antimicrobial so they fight off odour and bacteria. 

How many pairs do you need?

I would go for two pairs a day for your cycle initially and then enough to factor in washing/drying time. You need to line/drip dry them so this can take a little bit longer than the dryer. 

What if I need to change while out?

Carry a spare pair with you, and put your used pair into a waterproof bag (remember to rinse when you get home!).

If you have any other questions on their range, check out their FAQ’s

And for those wanting to try the range, or top-up on their stockpile of undies, be sure to use the code TARYN15 as a discount code at checkout to get 15% off (excludes bundles, sale items, gift cards and Maxi).

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